Set Default homepage for InPrivate Browsing

Description: I myself like the new IE8 feature, InPrivate Browsing. However, InPrivate browsing doesn’t inherit the properties of the default browsing and doesn’t open my default home page. I am baffled to see About:InPrivate page when I open a new session.

The following tweak helped me to set a default home page for InPrivate browsing too :)


1. Click Start, Run.
2. Type regedit.
3. Navigate to the below registry key:


4. Double-click InPrivate option and set your favorite URL.

5. Exit the registry.

For those who are not good at registry modification, I’ve created a .reg file. You may download and run the .reg file [Download Link]. However, this defaults to website. If you wish to change it, right-click the .reg file and change the URL with the URL you wish to change.